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50 Non-Food Rewards for Weight Loss

One of the most common pieces of weight loss advice is to motivate yourself with non food rewards when you achieve weight loss/fitness goals. But sometimes it’s really hard to think of prizes when all you really want is a cupcake. So, here’s a list of cheap, moderate and expensive non food rewards for when you’ve reached your hard-earned health goals!

We’d recommend the smaller prizes for steps along the way, so that you can save the bigger non food rewards for when you reach major milestones and/or your final goal!

Non Food Rewards for Under $20

  1. Bottle of nail polish
  2. Colorful jump rope
  3. Fun pens for school/the office
  4. Cover into a nightclub
  5. Go to a movie at the theater
  6. Eyeshadow (or blush or highlighter)
  7. Yummy-smelling shampoo
  8. Fancy candle
  9. Special toy for your dog or cat
  10. Pretty umbrella
  11. Picture frame(s) and/or printing pictures
  12. Hair accessories
  13. Paint brushes/paint
  14. Coffee mug (or glasses or plates)
  15. Phone case
  16. Flower arrangement
  17. Fun sports bra
  18. Cozy scarf
  19. Earrings or a necklace
  20. Shopping spree in the dollar bins at Target
  21. Book (or a couple!)
  22. Pretty notebook or journal
  23. Fancy water bottle
  24. A new tool for the shed or yard

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Non Food Rewards for $20-50

  1. Get your hair cut/styled
  2. Manicure or pedicure (or both!)
  3. A shirt or blouse (or two or three…)
  4. New jeans
  5. Lamp for your house
  6. Car detailing
  7. Shoes/boots
  8. Tickets to a small concert or event
  9. Night out bowling/at an arcade with a friend
  10. Cozy sheets for your bed
  11. Day at an amusement park/festival
  12. Paint to give your room a fresh look
  13. Netflix subscription for a year
  14. Cute swimsuit

Non Food Rewards for More than $50

  1. Weekend getaway
  2. Designer jeans
  3. Snazzy work clothes
  4. Membership to a yoga studio
  5. New bed (or other piece of furniture)
  6. Rejuvenating spa day
  7. New phone or computer
  8. Designer wallet or purse
  9. Change your hair color
  10. That too-expensive pair of shoes you really want
  11. Special gear/supplies for your favorite hobby
  12. A rewarding home improvement project

What non food rewards do you use to motivate yourself on your weight loss journey? Share with us in the comments section below!

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