? Fitness Inspiration from Around the World

fitness inspiration from around the world

When you live in one place, it’s easy for you Instagram feed to become flooded with your compatriots. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little hometown pride, a touch of international flair is nice too – no matter where you call home. If you’re in the mood to globalize your Instagram feed and see some spunky fitness inspiration from around the world, check out these motivational and engaging influencers from every corner of the globe!

simonelovesfitnessSimone | Cameroon ?? ⇒ USA ??

Instagram: @simonelovesfitness

Simone is a fitness and nutrition coach from Cameroon who now lives in the Bronx (NYC). She has a BS in biochemistry and posts daily content about fitness and her travels to motivate & inspire her followers! Check out this account for refreshing, realistic fitness and health advice in English. She also offers both online and in-person health coaching.

“There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset!

Don’t forget: Quality over quantity… Be Happy ? Strong ?? Healthy ? Persistent ??‍♀️ Courageous ?”

? For lots more fun, practical fitness and wellness advice, follow Simone’s Instagram HERE!

marieMarie | France ??

Instagram: @mariefit_

Marie is a fitness coach from France that posts healthy living tips in French. She has a degree in nutrition and promotes wellness, fitness and commitment to healthy living. Here is one of her most recent pieces of advice (translated from French):

“It’s your motivation that will determine your [success]! ?
The 3 keys to succeed, whether in sport, professional life, family, etc are:
Concentrate your energy on yourself, and only you, in order to become better each passing day, and every day that you decide to LIVE and not to suffer ??”

? Looking for fitness and wellness motivation in French? Check out Marie’s Instagram HERE!

paulaPaula | Chile ??

Instagram: @paula.gonzalez.silva

Paula is a Chilean fitness model and influencer. She posts about her fitness routine and offers workout motivation & tips in Spanish. Here’s some uplifting, empowering advice from one of her recent posts (translated from Spanish):

“I’ve learned to make decisions for myself, and not to please others, that makes me happy, it makes me feel full, and proud, at the same time it allows me to relate better to others, being myself all the time with everyone around me! When you have self confidence, criticisms bounces of you.”

? Want to see how fitness models achieve their toned physique, and get a little motivation along the way? Visit Paula’s Instagram HERE!

Jasmine | Italy ??jasmine

Instagram: @brighterthanevil

Jasmine is a self-proclaimed “body positive feminist” that’s actively “working towards [her] dreams”. She views fitness as a way of loving herself, instead of a means to weight loss or a certain body type. If you’re looking to add some real, body positive content to your feed, follow Jasmine!

“Your size shouldn’t matter and I firmly believe in that. But I also believe in being healthy, that doesn’t mean diet, it means going for long walks, having the right amounts of vitamins, doing some yoga, clearing your mind from stressful moments etc. You should only do it because you love yourself not because you hate yourself! ♥”

? To get your daily dose of body positivity, check out Jasmine’s Instagram HERE!

maraMara | Brazil ??

Instagram: @marapoliana

Mara is a journalist, photographer and runner from Brazil. She posts regular fitspo in Portuguese, mostly about her running and fitness routine. Here’s a great quote about running from her account (translated from Portuguese):

“✖️ You will run and your head will never be so weak, but it will never be so strong either.

✖️ You will run and suffer, but only up to 1 km, then you will return from the ashes.

✖️ Yes, you will run. And, the light breeze will carry the thoughts so far that you will fly…

❤️ You will run and finally will be free!”

? For more running and fitness inspiration in Portuguese, check out Mara’s Instagram HERE!

stephyStephy | USA ??

Instagram: @notyourskinnyasian

Stephy lives in the Washington DC area and promotes the idea that “strength >>> skinny Asian stereotype”, which we can totally get behind! She’s from the US, so her content is all in English. We LOVE her message about fitness and what it means in terms of health and life:

“❤️FITNESS❤️ stands for
F…eeling confident about my body image
I…ncorporating healthy daily routines
T…raining my resilience and patience
N…ever say I’m too busy for a healthy life
E…ating healthy and not fearing carbs or fat
S…trength training to be stronger
S…triving to be the best version of me daily

Take some time today to sit back and think about where your stand in your journey, and how you can redefine FITNESS in your own terms?”

? If you want some guidance on balancing macros and strength training, check out Stephy’s Instagram HERE!

kimberlyKimberly | Mexico ??

Instagram: @kimmiesmm

Kimberly is an “inspiring fit mom” from Mexico City, Mexico. She loves food and makeup and believes in fostering a “healthy mind, body and soul”. Check out Kimmie’s page for lots of fitness inspiration and tips, plus the occasional makeup, fashion or mom post. Content is mostly in Spanish, but sometimes appears in English as well.

“Training not only has allowed me to feel good about myself, but to put myself to the test of what I am capable of and how far I can go. ??????”

? Want some empowering post-baby fitness motivation? Follow Kimberly’s Instagram HERE!


marie-colombiaMarie | Colombia ??

Instagram: @marievarela

Marie is a PR professional from Colombia that promotes fitness and healthy living on IG. She loves CrossFit, breakfast and simple foods, which you see reflected in her mostly-Spanish content! Check out Marie’s account for fitness inspiration, simple meal ideas and your daily dose of positivity. Here’s a bit of her great advice (translated from Spanish):

“Let’s continue checking goals off our list ✔ Right?

Even if we have strayed from our path, today is a great day to get back on track ??#goodvibes”

? For more inspiration, recipes and good vibes, check out Marie’s Instagram account HERE!

vivianeViviane | Germany ??

Instagram: @vforviviane

Viviane is a 26-year-old German fitness enthusiast that shares snippets of her daily routine to inspire and motivate followers. Her content is primarily in German, but also occasionally in English. Check her out for some serious fitspo!

“Life is an adventure: live, feel, love, laugh, cry, play, win, lose, stumble, but keep getting up and moving on.”

? To get inspired by more of Viviane’s posts, visit her Instagram page HERE!




What do you think? Do you like following influencers from around the world? Let us know about your favorite fitness and weight loss influencers & experts in the comments section below!

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