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50 Easy & Healthy Dorm Room Snacks

If you’re here, you probably want to avoid gaining the dreaded “freshman 15”. Or you already gained a little more than you would’ve liked and now you want to shed some pounds. Whether your goal is weight maintenance or some quick & healthy weight loss, dorm room snacks should be part of your strategy!

Research shows eating throughout the day helps combat cravings, avoid over-indulgence, and reduce overall calorie intake.

The trick is to choose healthy dorm room snacks and keep portions in-check. For the average person eating three meals a day, your 1-2 daily snacks should be no more than about 100-200 calories each. Make sure to read you ingredients’ nutrition labels to make sure you’re picking the healthiest options.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a kitchen at our disposal in our dorm rooms, so it can be hard to eat healthy. Plus, college student = no money to buy fancy packaged snacks.

Here are 50 easy & healthy dorm room snacks – no stove, countertops or oven needed!

Easy Dorm Room Snacks Fruits

Fruity Fun

  1. Apple
  2. Apple and cheese
  3. Apple and peanut butter
  4. Banana
  5. Banana and peanut butter
  6. Banana and peanut butter with chocolate chips
  7. Banana with fat-free/low-fat yogurt
  8. Orange slices (or a cutie)
  9. Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries)
  10. Berries and yogurt
  11. Berries and yogurt with chocolate chips
  12. Grapes
  13. Grapes and cheese cubes (cheddar, Colby or swiss)
  14. Frozen grapes
Easy Dorm Room Snacks Veggies

Veggie Vibes

  1. Baby carrots and ranch dressing
  2. Baby carrots and hummus
  3. Baby carrots and soft cheese (like Laughing Cow)
  4. Sliced bell peppers and hummus
  5. Sliced bell peppers and soft cheese (like Laughing Cow)
  6. Sliced cucumbers and ranch dressing
  7. Ants on a log (celery + peanut butter + raisins)

Bread and Crackers

  1. Whole-grain crackers and cheese
  2. Whole-grain crackers and peanut butter
  3. Whole-grain crackers and sliced turkey (deli meat)
  4. Whole-grain crackers with tomato and cheese
  5. Slice of whole-wheat bread with spreadable cheese (or a slice of low-fat cheese)
  6. Slice of whole-wheat bread with peanut butter and/or jelly
  7. Slice of whole-wheat bread with butter
  8. Slice of whole-wheat bread with tomato and cheese
  9. Whole-wheat pita bread and hummus
  10. Whole-wheat pita sandwich with turkey, lettuce and tomato
  11. Turkey and cheese roll-ups (tortilla + turkey/ham + cheese + lettuce, rolled)
  12. Peanut butter banana (or apple) wrap (tortilla + peanut butter + sliced banana/apple)
  13. Pretzels and soft cheese
  14. Pretzels and hummus
  15. Pretzels and peanut butter
Easy Dorm Room Snacks Oatmeal

Microwave Masters

  1. Instant oatmeal (made with water or skim milk, depending on what you like)
  2. Light/Natural popcorn. Be careful not to burn it and set off the fire alarm!
  3. Quesadilla (tortilla + cheese, microwaved for 30-60 seconds)
  4. Microwave “baked” apple (take the core out, cut apple into eighths, sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar, microwave for 1-2 minutes or until apple reaches desired mushiness)
  5. Microwaved eggs: whisk together an egg and a splash of milk (or water, if you’re in a pinch), then microwave for 30-60 seconds. Add salt, pepper and/or cheese for extra flavor.
Easy Dorm Room Snacks Nuts

Other Nutritious Nibbles

  1. Trail mix (peanuts, raisins, Chex, M&Ms, etc.). Remember a serving of trail mix is only ¼ cup.
  2. Cereal with milk
  3. Granola bar
  4. Fat-free/low-fat yogurt
  5. Fat-free/low-fat yogurt with Cheerios (or other cereal). Skip the granola – it’s unnecessarily high in calories and sugar.
  6. Fat-free/low-fat cottage cheese
  7. Fat-free/low-fat cottage cheese with applesauce
  8. Fat-free/low-fat cottage cheese with fruit jam
  9. Hot chocolate (made with 8oz of fat-free milk)

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Happy snacking! If you have any other favorite dorm room snacks, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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