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10 Things Health Coaches Do Every Day to Lose Weight & Stay Fit 💪

Weight loss advice comes from all angles, including lots of experts that share their tips and routines on social media. Here are 10 expert tips from some of our favorite Instagram health coaches!


Instagram: cydniebureau


Cyndie is a certified personal trainer and plant-based specialist who is “helping you transform from the inside out”. Here’s what she had to say about getting healthy:

“If you know anything about me, you know I am a quite unconventional coach and athlete. I don’t track macros. I don’t count calories. I don’t do steady state cardio. And I certainly don’t eat chicken and rice all day. I am living proof that the ‘conventional’ ways of getting fit and healthy is by all means NOT the only way. My IG alone demonstrates that track record. Check my highlights. I eat plants in variety, eat brownies cause I love em’ & train effectively for me. This to say, I’ve reached ALL my goals living a holistic lifestyle. That applies to my training, my nutrition, my habits and my mindset.”

👉 To read the rest of this post, and lots of other great advice, check out Cyndie’s Instagram HERE!


Instagram: jo.vestin


Johanna is an online health & fitness coach with great advice on how to lose fat and build muscle without feeling hungry all the time. Here are some of her tips on how to stay fuller for longer:

“We eat a lot with our eyes so it is good to fill up with lots of veggies and voluminous foods, when the plate looks full even though the calorie content is very low you will actually feel fuller than if it had been a less full plate with the same number of calories (or sometimes even with more cals.)

Drink water, and lots of it. Take a walk. Focus on your goals! 🙌

For breakfast, I love having oatmeal. If you are on a low carbohydrate diet it often lacks volume, but that’s easily fixed!”

👉 To read the rest of this post (about how to make oatmeal super-filling), plus lots of other great advice, check out Johanna’s Instagram HERE!


Instagram: brengarciamx

brendaBrenda is a Mexican sports nutrition and wellness coach with nearly 30K followers on Instagram! She offers daily inspiration, motivation and advice about how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. While mostly in Spanish, she sometimes includes bilingual content and her photos offer great visuals, regardless of language! Here’s one of her practical, easy tips for how to start living healthier today:

“✨ Always take your sneakers with you so you can run or exercise wherever you go. You never know when you’re going to need them!


✨ Siempre lleva un par de tenis ? para correr o ejercitarte a donde vayas. Nunca sabes cuándo vas a necesitarlos.”

👉For more inspiration, motivation and practical advice, check out her Instagram HERE!


Instagram: julierianne


Her bio says it all: Julie is “just a gal juggling her full-time corporate job with her passions for health & self-growth”. She shares practical nutrition & fitness tips, while never skimping on motivation for you healthy living journey. Here’s an example of her golden advice:

“Just a reminder that you DO NOT NEED TO DIET to achieve your weight loss and/or fitness goals‼️ Diets are not always a one-size-fits-all ❌ If you’ve been struggling to stick to or see results from dieting, intuitive eating may be for you ✅ Instead of focusing on restriction (what you CAN’T eat) you can find food freedom through intuitive eating ? This means learning about how food fuels your body & applying this knowledge to eat mindfully.

This DOES NOT MEAN you can’t ever eat “fun” food again. It just means you need to create balance. While diets work for some, they don’t work for everyone – for me personally, what I love about intuitive eating is that it’s customized & sustainable over time ⏰  & I never feel guilty about eating a treat once in a while (okay, more like once – or twice – a day)”

👉To see more of Julie’s inspirational and fun content, check out her Instagram HERE!


Instagram: ralphrobertscpt


Ralph is a former pro athlete turned personal trainer (CPT), best-selling author and speaker. On his Instagram feed, he shares awesome workouts and motivation to help you start living your best life now! Check out this workout of his:

“Do you dream of looking your best as you hit the beach & soak in the sun? These 6 moves will leave you confident, empowered, strong & lean, so you wow your friends & family as the cameras flash this summer. Get ready to show out!

🏋🏽 High-Intensity Cardio… Lunge Variations… Planks… Med Ball Tosses… Jump Rope”

👉To see the rest of Ralph’s workout, including specific exercises to work even more muscles, check out his Instagram HERE!


Instagram: fitlicity


Alex is a Philadelphia-based influencer that shares her adventures with Cross Fit, healthy eating and weight loss on Instagram. Check out this super-relatable post about motivation and meal prep:

“Meal Prep really is all it’s ~cracked up~ to be 😂 See what I did there?

I’m not gonna lie, this weekend I had a small moment perpetuated by a BIG pile of dishes where I *did not* feel like finishing my prep.

Listen, you won’t always be motivated 💯 % of the time. What matters is that you see enough value in your routine that you follow through. What matters is that you prioritize long-term benefits over short-term satisfaction. What matters is dedication. Whether life is crazy or you’re just feeling down right lazy, it all comes down to ☝ thing: discipline!

👉Check out Alex’s other recipes, plus get motivated to work out and love your body, on her Instagram page HERE!


Instagram: what_eva


Eva is a fitness coach that offers programs to “help busy women lose stubborn fat & build lean muscle without restrictive dieting”. She shares practical, unique weight loss, fitness and nutrition advice on her Instagram to keep you motivated & losing. Here’s a great post she wrote about “gym intimidation”:

The day I finally decided to step foot in the gym was a huge win for me. For a while there I would get to the parking lot and that was as far as I got. I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid that people would judge me, I was overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel..

But here’s the thing.. Gym-intimidation is all in your head and YOU CAN overcome it! Here are some tips that got me through it:

⭐️ Remember why you’re there…⭐️ Have a game plan…⭐️ Have a fire playlist…⭐️ Don’t be afraid to ask for help…⭐️ Go with a friend / Or Not…

Remember that at some point you’re going to have to get uncomfortable if you want to reach your goals. No one is judging you because everyone is focused on their own goals! Believe in yourself, keep showing up and you will get there too!”

👉To read the rest of this post and get your daily dose of practical, real weight loss advice, check out Eva’s Instagram HERE!


Instagram: courtney_amber


Courtney is a fitness and nutrition whose message we can get behind. She says, “I help people DITCH the fad diet, find BALANCE & build STRONG minds & bodies”. Check out his post:

“Do you see yourself following this diet in 3 years?

This is a question I ask almost every time someone tells me about a new diet they’re starting or experimenting with. With all of the fad diets out there, it’s easy to get caught up in trying a new one each month, hoping that it will finally be the one that works for you. Ultimately, this leads to yo-yo dieting, food restriction & constant disappointment.

Before you embark on the next fad diet, ask yourself, “Do I see myself following this diet in 3 years?”

👉To read the rest of this post and find the inspiration to embrace balance and get healthy, check out Courtney’s Instagram HERE!


Instagram: candh510


Chris is an online fitness coach that fills his Instagram page with fitness motivation, workouts and gym hacks. Still he keeps it real by talking about things like the “highlight reel of Instagram”, as he did in this post:

“Taking an honest look at yourself is one of the most difficult things you can do because you’ll have to be vulnerable at some point in order to hear (or see) that truth. You also have to quiet down all the noise created by others that create these unrealistic views, or expectations of how a person should live their life, or pursue happiness… Just because your life isn’t perfect, body isn’t perfect, you’re not a national champion with a ton of sponsors… it doesn’t mean that the light shining within you is worthless. Know that you’re worthy of finding your version of happiness. Don’t let these silly ideals created by fake social media personas dictate who you are, and silly things such as trophies, likes, and followers shouldn’t define you. You are much more than a highlight reel.”

👉To read the rest of this post, get motivated and improve your form at the gym, check out Chris’ Instagram HERE!


Instagram: tammyneslund_ifbbpro


Tammy is a professional body builder, lifestyle coach and grandma. She documents her fitness journey and love of healthy living on her always-authentic Instagram account. She also shares easy, at-home workouts like this one:

“Wall sits! Primary targets: quads, glutes, and hamstrings!

Do these every day for benefits:

  • Works entire body
  • Burns a lot of calories
  • Increases endurance
  • An alternative to squats

Walk your feet out away from the wall, and then have your shoulders with the part. While leaning back on the wall slide down until there is a 90° bend of your hips and knees. Hold for one minute. Do 4 sets.”

👉To see more from Tammy and get motivated to stay fit at any age, check out her Instagram HERE!

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